An all-in-one solution

Event organizer

Understand attendees’ behavior to better adapt your event to the attendees’ needs. Discover their preferences and areas of interest and optimize your budgets spent. Make data-driven decisions.

  • Receive real-time and post-event analytics
  • Discover the value of attendees’ interests
  • Evaluate and optimize your organization
  • Offer attendees an exciting event experience


Generate new leads for their business by enabling them to send interested attendees relevant info during the event. Optimize their time and money spent at the event through objective analytics.

  • Provide an overview of who visited their booth
  • Send info regarding attendees’ interests
  • Send their visitors context-based information
  • Enable them to target interested attendees


Optimize their networking experience by sending them notifications when an interesting person is nearby. Provide them beforehand with the event attendee list and enable them to plan their encounters.

  • Show who is present
  • Enable attendees to find interesting profiles
  • Notify when important connections are nearby
  • Provide up-to-date event information