KU Leuven VTK Jobfair

The VTK Job Fair is a recruitment fair for graduating engineers from Leuven and surroundings. Graduating engineers in electrical engineering, computer science, logistics, materials, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, mathematical engineering, civil (construction) engineering, safety engineering and nanotecnology will be attending this event.


  • www.vtk.be
  • KU Leuven student association
  • 1000+ students
  • 100+ company booths


  • Provide the job team immediate access to event analytics
  • Reduce queuing at foodbars
  • Simplify student interaction with relevant companies


  • Guided experience for both job recruiters and students
  • Increased matching rates for students presented in the Eventigrate app
  • Most relevant students identified in 3 clicks or less
  • Enhanced relationship between recruters and students