Flanders Smart Hub Connects

Flanders Smart Hub wants to stimulate innovation and cooperation in the 5 economic values of the region Vlaams-Brabant: health, food, logistics, cleantech and creativity.

During the reception, it was time to network. This was facilitated by Eventigrate, an innovative product of a start-up based in Leuven.


  • www.flanderssmarthub.be
  • Cluster organisation Vlaams-Brabant
  • 200+ attendees


  • Stimulate innovation and cooperation
  • Increase network opportunities
  • Couple research institutions, companies and investors


  • Increased attendee interaction based on integrated poll application
  • Clear overview of present, canceled and on the spot visitors
  • Increased matching rates between attendees
  • Full analytics report to evaluate the event afterwards and to optimize the cluster organisation