Time & money

Every stakeholder spends time and money at an event, nut struggles on how to spend it optimally.

Objective data

Objective data about the event is hard to obtain and difficult to translate.


The lack of analytics and feedback leads to inefficiency of the event in all its aspects.

An all-in-one solution


is a multi-event solution bringing context- and location-based information to every stakeholder of an event.
Real-time and post-event analytics offer relevant insights enabling the

  • Event organizer to optimize his event
  • Exhibitors to generate new leads
  • Attendees to network more efficiently

By providing you with objective and easy translatable data, we optimize your time and money spent!

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Context- and location-based information is offered through an online platform for the event organizer, a dashboard for the exhibitor and a mobile application for the attendee.
The smart name badge enables all three platforms to receive relevant information.


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